“Music is the language of the soul – I believe that music can give great joy, submit all kinds of feelings and be fun! It is a great experience to learn an instrument and it is a very big gift to be able to play music. Teaching is my passion and I love helping anyone on their way and support, inspire and challenge them.”


Teaching picture

Beatrice Stelzmuller has been teaching professionally since several years now. Being the daughter of a piano teacher, she started learning about the skills of teaching children as well as adults from a young age by visiting her mother’s lessons and always found it fascinating. Early on she realised that being a great teacher is not only a talent but an incredible skill and one of the most rewarding experiences.


During her piano studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Beatrice Stelzmuller also studied for the LRAM, a distinguished one year teaching diploma course with top pedagogues such as Paul Harris and Pascal Nemirowski.


Beatrice currently teaches several talented children and adults weekly as well as regularly organises introductory music courses for children with the Phoenix Music Academy that she founded with fellow pianist and teacher Hannah-Elizabeth Teoh in 2012.Believing that performing on stage from an early stage is imperative for a balanced musical education, Beatrice organises concerts for her pupils every half year to give everyone the opportunity to play in front of their families and friendsand experience positive stage appearances from early on. 
This year, Beatrice is invited to give Masterclasses at the Cranleigh Arts Center near London (sponsored by the Martin Musical Scholarship Foundation) and in Madagascar for young aspiring pianists. Her passion for teaching and to make classical music accessible to all children has recently brought her to the Himalayas, where she was the music leader for a two weeks workshop for musically underpriviledged children. She has worked with school classes of up to 65 children as well as small groups and one to one lessons on singing, recorder playing, rhythm and basic notation.Beatrice’s piano lessons are inspiring and focussed, always enjoyable and never stressful. She believes that a healthy teaching atmosphere is essential for the development of musicality as well as understanding and love for music. While always challenging her pupils to reach their best abilities, she takes great care in keeping their motivation and focus alert throughout their lessons and balance all aspects of music equally from technique to position, listening to playing, theory to aural skills and musical understanding throughout the whole progress.